Prism Experiences builds tech-forward haunted houses

Prism’s Haunted Houses blend classic horror with modern day technology for scalable experiences that leave guests wondering “how the hell did they do that?!” We strive for the “Disneyland of Horror” on a smaller, more intimate scale.

With backgrounds in technology and media production, the founding members are always hunting for new, immersive technologies to help craft believable worlds that our guests can truly get lost in. Here’s hoping the guests are able to find their way out…

Years of Haunting
Nights of Horror
Pizza Slices Eaten by Actors

The Team

Prism Haunted House has been built by many people over the years, including some amazing actors, and 2021’s core team is…

David Fefferman
David FeffermanFounder, Homeowner, Halloween Nut
David has a background in design and
technology and focuses on set design, construction of the physical haunt, and implementation of new technologies to blow guest’s socks off.
Andrew Ducote
Andrew DucoteFounder, Videographer, Creative
Andrew has been with the haunt from day one. He comes from the world of film and focuses on pre-recorded scenes, haunt set lighting, and haunt documentation.
Taylor Smithson
Taylor SmithsonSet Builder, Actor, Creative
Taylor volunteered as an actor in the 2020 haunting season and has been an indispensable partner since. He helped build out the 2021 haunt, layering in his own unique creative ideas.

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