How is Prism Haunted House Covid-safe?2020-09-24T18:36:48-07:00

From our waiting area, to the main event, we are taking every precaution to keep guests safe and healthy. We have elderly parents and immunocompromised friends, so we take safety seriously.

This year, the haunt is located outside as an open-air show, and guests are spread out at least 6 feet at all times. There is a one-way flow of traffic to the show and leaving the show. Masks are required, and there are no surfaces to touch. Actors are kept to a minimum and there is no touching or approaching audience members.

We have implemented a ticketing system with time slots to minimize waiting time and reduce crowds lining up for the haunted house.

Are masks required?2020-09-25T08:52:12-07:00

Yes. This is a safety precaution recommended by the local government. It is for your safety, the safety of other guests attending the haunt, and the safety of our actors and volunteers. It provides a level of comfort to all attending, and allows us to lose ourselves in the fun of the show rather than wondering if we’ll get sick. Per the California Department of Public Health:

Over the last four months, we have learned a lot about COVID-19 transmission, most notably that people who are infected but are asymptomatic or pre- symptomatic play an important part in community spread. The use of face coverings by everyone can limit the release of infected droplets when talking, coughing, and/or sneezing, as well as reinforce physical distancing.

If you show up without a mask, we will happily sell you one, or ask you to leave.

Do I need a ticket?2020-10-05T13:30:26-07:00

Yes! This year, we’ve implemented a ticketing system to better control the large crowds we generate. You’ll pick a time to attend, arrive 15 minutes early and wait in a designated area for your show. This will even out the flow of traffic, and minimize crowds. It’s both faster and safer for you and your family!

Child tickets are $3.99 and Adult tickets are $4.99. They can be purchased here.

Is this a walk-through haunted house?2020-09-24T18:32:10-07:00

Nope. While the last two years have been walk-throughs, this year we’ve designed a fantastic open-air show that combines projection, movie-quality special effects, and live actors into an insane rollercoaster of a show!

Is the haunt child-friendly?2020-09-25T12:06:24-07:00

It depends. There are loud noises, intense light effects and spooky monsters, but because actors do not get very close, there is somewhat of a safety barrier. Some young children might not understand this, and still get scared. Please use your discretion.

Where are you located?2020-09-25T12:32:33-07:00
When are you open?2020-10-28T11:47:21-07:00

The 2020 haunted house is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday during October. Hours are from 7:30-9:45 each night. Tickets are required – book your tickets, here.

Is the haunt accessible?2020-09-25T12:28:01-07:00

Yes, our haunt uses the sidewalk and street which are accessible to wheelchairs, crutches, etc.

Are photos allowed?2020-09-25T12:30:20-07:00

We have designated photo opportunity areas. Photos during the show are not allowed.

Am I going to have a good time?2020-09-25T13:03:24-07:00

Heck yah, you are! This year is a ground-up rebuild of the haunt and we’ve put a ton of blood, sweat, and more blood into the show. It’s amusement-park-level entertainment without the amusement-park-level price tag. We do it because we love Halloween and want to bring some desperately-needed fun to the community – not to turn a profit.

Come enjoy our show and get into the Halloween spirit, this October!

monster at Prism Haunted House
Is Prism Haunted House open in inclement weather?2020-09-29T22:34:26-07:00

We are an outdoor attraction with a multitude of special effects and electronics. If there is a light drizzle, the show will continue. If there is a full-on rain, we will have to cancel the show. Refunds, minus Eventbrite’s ticketing fees, will be issued.

Do we need to print out our tickets?2020-09-29T22:39:31-07:00

You can print your tickets before you arrive, or use the ticket provided to you on your phone. We will need to be able to scan the ticket to admit you.

Are there restrooms available?2020-09-29T22:38:50-07:00

Unfortunately not. The haunt is at a private residence with no entry to anyone other than actors.

2020 and back with a vengeance!

Halloween is only canceled for those without creativity. Luckily, we’re oozing with creativity. This year, Prism Haunted House pivots to an open-air show that keeps everyone safe and comfortable – from Covid, that is. Our monsters and killer special effects are still going to make you feel squeamish. We ask that you wear a mask and work with us on safety so that folks worry less about health and can lose themselves in the immersive show.

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