Reliable Horror, Year After Year

The OC Register

…The scientific experiments have all gone wrong — or if you’re the doctor, gone right.

Prism Haunted House is remarkable in its enthusiasm, technology and design. This is clean work that will serve to entertain the neighborhood, and seasoned haunters alike. Go check it out.

The WestCoaster

…The type of home haunt that we love discovering. With a story-driven production that uses technology and quality scenic direction to enhance the haunted house experience, and devoted actors who hit their prompts and perform their roles perfectly, it is a shining example of the wonderful effort and creations that young haunters are capable of today.

Michelle Halloween

You need to see for yourself! …The elements of the show reminded me of a Hellraiser and Resident Evil mash up. The show wasn’t all on screens and projectors, though. There are live actors with weapons, sparks and, lots of fog and, lights. Prism is a very interactive open air display that gives a different spin on home haunt. You can tell by the details and, high quality of the show that David spent quite some time planning and executing this unique and, fun experience.

The WestCoaster

The level of dedication and creativity really must be commended, because it presents a level of sophistication and endeavor that even many commercial haunts don’t attempt, let alone amateur haunters …To put it bluntly, it’s all very cool.

What do you see? Probably one of the most technologically advanced home haunts I have ever experienced. Crystal clear rear projections, fog effects, and a few live actors play out a scenario of science gone horribly wrong and I was, for 5 minutes, not in COVID-infested 2020.

Chapman University, 2019

Chapman University, 2020